Easy Like Button Service. You can do voting and total in real time at presentation and a contest.

How to use
As you make a room by the group unit and enter a room, and push "Like button".
1. 1 person of a group inputs a room name and the password to enter a room (Blank OK) by a single byte alphanumeric, and push a Create button and make a room.
2. Other people input made room name and password (When you input), and press an entrance button and enter a room.
3. You press "Like Button" in the room where you entered a room. The Like pressed in the room automatically is totaled.
When "reset button" in the room is pressed, the number of the group Like total and the number of your like total are reset.
When it passes for more than 1 day after making, a made room is eliminated automatically. Such specification!!

Please use a new browser. It doesn't sometimes move by an old browser.
When a computer will be in the sleep state, It's left automatically.
After leaving automatically, when you enter a room, the number of "Your Like" returns to 0.
When it increases in the number of users of this service, it doesn't sometimes normally move by a server load.
It's the service made with an individual, so even if behavior is strange, please permit. HAUA!!!!!

created by @ariafloat